SELF is a non-profit community lending organization that provides favorable financing for assorted home improvements that can help save money on operating costs (i.e, energy and insurance bills), increase equity and home value, improve hurricane resistance, and enhance comfort and livability.

ENERGY EXPERTISE an energy assessment is performed at the outset to help identify cost-effective home energy improvements. SELF then provides a follow-up consultation with home owners to review the energy assessment and identify estimated energy savings for each type of improvement.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT SELF provides project management from start to finish to help homeowners make informed decisions about home improvements.

FAVORABLE FINANCING  SELF offers low interest rate loans for assorted home improvements, including: Energy Efficiency; Renewable Energy; Wind Hazard Mitigation; and, Water Conservation. Lending requirements are more flexible than banks, with no money down options.

SELF's mission is to help rebuild and empower under-served communities by providing access to affordable and innovative financing for sustainable property improvements including: energy efficiency; renewable energy; wind-hazard mitigation; and, water conservation. SELF strives to create positive social, economic and environmental impacts by helping people improve the health, safety and quality of life in their homes while reducing their operating costs and carbon footprint.

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**We finance Prime & Sub-prime Credits. Minimum FICO Score 550, 675+ FICO Score is a Prime Approval/Instant Decision**

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