Mehaffey Construction Group, Inc. upholds the most stringent safety policies on our job sites. Our comprehensive safety starts in the project planning stage and is executed and monitored throughout the construction process. Boasting a Workman's Compensation Modification Factor of .95, one of the lowest in the industry, reflects the effectiveness of Mehaffey Construction Group Inc. ’s safety policies and procedures.

In addition to very stringent subcontractor insurance requirements, we achieve our effective safety plan by utilizing the following requirements:
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  • All superintendents are OSHA certified and participate in ongoing safety training programs
  • Daily safety inspections
  • Weekly safety (tool-box) meetings
  • Monthly inspections by independent safety consultant to ensure complete compliance with OSHA regulations



We have had ZERO loss time incidents since our company's inception

Drug-Free Workplace

The management of Mehaffey Construction Group, Inc. strictly enforces a “drug-free workplace” regulation. We conduct random drug testing and maintain a zero-tolerance policy for every employee on our payroll.



Safety Policy

It is the policy of Mehaffey Construction Group, Inc. that every employee shall be provided a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause physical harm, and to comply with all applicable Federal, State and local regulations affecting the safety and health of its employees.

The Mehaffey Construction Group, Inc.'s management team is responsible for the implementation, maintenance and enforcement of all safety regulations in accordance with all applicable OSHA regulations.

Before any Contractor is allowed to begin work on any Mehaffey Construction Group, Inc. project, they are required to attend a safety orientation meeting held by the company's safety officer and the  on-site management team. Mehaffey Construction Group, Inc.'s uses this opportunity to review the requirements of the mandatory safety program and outline what is expected of every Subcontractor on the project.