A man's home is his castle. How many times have we heard that old saying?

The reason those lines have been passed down from generation to generation since time immemorial is because they reflect a basic, heartfelt passion. Our home provides us with warmth, comfort, security and numerous fond memories. Is it any wonder that we hold our homes in no less regard than a king would his castle?

The people at Mehaffey Construction Group, Inc.'s Residential Division share this sentiment. After all, most of us also are homeowners with a special fondness for our castles.

That's why before we begin every residential project, we discuss and clearly define the needs of our homeowner client. For example, we pride ourselves on our reputation for showing up. We are at your home when we say we will be there, and we won't pack up our tools for the last time until you are 100 percent satisfied with the job we've done.

Our job sites are always clean, safe and as quiet as we can make them. Our supervisors have many years of experience in every phase of residential construction, so they --and you--encounter very few unwelcome surprises.

From room additions and remodeling, to door and window replacement, we get the job done right the first time. It's no wonder that word of mouth is our most effective advertising medium.



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